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Emergency &
Ambulatory Services



Lameness Investigations
& Remedial Farriery

Belvoir Equine Hospital and Breeding Centre
is a purpose built equine hospital established in 2001.

Situated in the picturesque Swan Valley we provide a full range of equine services to the
surrounding horse areas. On site, we offer a full range of diagnostic, surgical and medical
facilities, which enable our equine veterinary surgeons to treat a range of injuries and diseases.

Why Us?

Emergency & Ambulatory Service

We offer an ambulatory service, for which we make routine and emergency farm
visits. Our client base includes racing stables, studs, competition and pleasure
horses right down to the smallest of miniature breeds, donkeys and Clydesdales.

Providing Care Round The Clock

Our office opening hours are between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday.  Outside these hours and on weekends and public holidays we provide an emergency, after-hours service.  We also function as a referral practice for both local and country veterinary clinics.

Surgical Services

The surgical team at Belvoir Equine Hospital are skilled and experienced in all types of
equine surgery. A minimum of 3 people are involved in each procedure – an
anaesthetist, a theatre nurse, a lead surgeon and sometimes a surgical assistant.

The majority of surgical procedures at Belvoir Equine Hospital are performed by Dr.
David Rutherford. David who has 20 years experience in the operating theatre and is
a Recognised Specialist in Equine Surgery. Our dedicated equine operating theatre
and induction / recovery room are is fully equipped and ready to tackle routine and
emergency operations.

We have dedicated facilities with vets living on site and qualified nurses for the intensive care of horses and foals. Some very sick horses, e.g. those recovering from colic surgery, need almost constant monitoring, fluid therapy and regular medication to keep them comfortable and give them the best chance of survival.

To assist with patient management, we have an in-house laboratory, which enables our vets to carry out basic sample analysis. We also have video microscope facilities to accurately assess semen motility following collection from a stallion or insemination of a mare.

We are well equipped with digital radiography, ultrasonography and endoscopy machine to allow accurate investigation of many equine disease and injuries.




Belvoir Equine Hospital is a full equine surgical facility North of the River. We regularly operate on routine and emergency surgeries – from local cases to referred cases from all over Western Australia.

 Western Australia – in our purpose built and fully equipped operating theatre.

The clinic has equipment and expertise to investigate and treat all medical problems such as lung, gut, heart, liver, kidney and dental issues.





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