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Dr. Robert Harris BVMS – Eye Surgeon

Dr. Robert Harris has been working in referral veterinary eye practice since 1997. During this time he has worked and studied with specialist veterinary ophthalmologists in Melbourne and Brisbane in Australia, in the USA, Europe and the UK.  He has also studied with specialist human ophthalmologists in Perth, including directly with the Princess Margaret Hospital ophthalmology team.

In 2009 Dr. Harris joined with Dr. Dimitri Yellachich and the eye surgery team from Fremantle Hospital to successfully perform the first retinal re-attachment surgery on a dog in Australia. More recently, he has joined with the team at Belvoir Equine Hospital to perform phacoemulsification cataract surgery in an Australian Miniature Horse.

Dr. Harris is able to offer the very latest procedures in veterinary ophthalmology including cataract surgery, laser retinal surgery and corneal transplantation. He is a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, the International Society of Veterinary Ophthalmology.

We are incredibly fortunate to have access to such a talented ophthalmologist at Belvoir Equine Hospital. Dr Harris is available for specialist consultations on site at Belvoir, contact our reception to organise an appointment. He also makes himself available for elective and emergency surgeries.

Russell Williams – Farrier

Russell Williams is a highly qualified farrier, who joined the team at Belvoir Equine Hospital some 8 years ago. Russell currently holds a Level III Certificate in Farriery and an Internationally Certified Farrier qualification, he has also completed his Advanced International Qualification. There are few farriers in WA that share the level of training and experience that Russell has accomplished.

Russell’s extensive study and experience makes it easy for him to work closely with our vets – to get the best results possible. He is experienced in looking at radiographs of the feet and has developed a real multi-dimensional eye for hoof care. Belvoir has achieved great results with Russell in the past with all aspects of corrective hoof care and shoeing, whether it is looking at radiographs of chronic laminitis, club feet, thin soles, upright conformation and our favourite, ‘little or no heel’. On the stud side Russell starts looking at our foals within the first few days of life to assist in good conformation, whether it be corrective trimming or the use of ‘Equithane’, hoof extensions and confinement. This way we are able to avoid orthopaedic surgeries, later on in life.

Russell is available for clients every Tuesday afternoon from 1pm to 3pm, by appointment only. Appointments can be made in advance through reception and to cater for those who can’t be here during that time, horses can be dropped off and yarded here from 7am Tuesday morning. We encourage country clients to enquire and are happy to help with any agistment required.

We are extremely fortunate to have Russell as part of the team at Belvoir Equine Hospital and proud to offer his services to our clients.

‘No hoof – No horse’
Russel working with our surgeon Dr. David Rutherford on a client’s hoof.

Dr Guy Lester - Equiimed


Our relationship with Dr Lester enables us to bring specialsit veterinary services directly to our clients when required. 

Dr Lester has an extensive history in referral equine medicine, including many years of tertiary practice at the University of Florida and Murdoch University.

Over the years he has mentored dozens of clinical residents and graduate students, and thousands of future veterinarians.

Board certification in large animal medicine reflected years of specialist training. Dr Lester has a PhD and is the author of over 100 research articles and book chapters and has been invited to speak at conferences in many countries.

Michael Field CERT m/eqd Equident

Mick has been practicing equine dentistry since 1991. After running a thriving practice in the UK, working predominately on race, dressage and event horses, Mick emigrated to Australian in 2007.

Having qualified through the International Association of Equine Dentists, Mick went on to be an examiner for the association; he also acted as external examiner for the British Equine Veterinary Association/British Veterinary dental Association dental exam. Mick has even had some famous clients including – Carl Hester and Leslie Law.

“At equident we believe in working alongside the veterinary profession, not only where sedatives, analgesic or x-rays are required. But also, in many advanced dental cases, to discuss the best way forward for that particular patient. Having spent ten years running weekly dental clinics at a large veterinary practice in the UK, we realize the benefits of a good working relationship and strongly believe this is paramount to providing the best possible service to horse and client” Mick Field

To book an appointment with Mick, you will need to contact him directly via his website.

Be sure to specify in your booking that you would like your horse attended to, at Belvoir Equine Hospital. Mick regularly uses our facilities to consult with his clients. All horses will be sedated by one of our veterinary surgeons, allowing Mick to conduct a thorough oral examination and perform any necessary dental corrections.