We have the latest technology in digital
radiography equipment which can be
used at the clinic or at your yard

Radiography (Xrays)

Despite advances in medical imaging technology, radiographs (X-rays) remain the most important and most commonly used imaging modality in equine veterinary medicine:

  • Lameness / poor performance: neck, back and legs for arthritis, fractures and other injuries
  • Colic: abdomen for sand impaction in adults and also other blockages in foals
  • Breathing problems: chest for pneumonia and collapsed lungs
  • Nasal discharge and bad breath: head for tooth abscess and sinus infections
  • Pre purchase examination: bone and joints to detect possible future problems
  • Pre-sales yearling radiographs

Radiography utilises x-rays to visualise the structure and integrity of bones. It is a very common diagnostic tool for lameness evaluation and assessment of bones secondary to trauma. Due to the size of horses, it is infrequently used to assess the chest or abdominal structures.

At Belvoir Equine Hospital we have the latest technology in battery operated digital radiography equipment which can be used at the clinic or at your yard.

Digital radiography involves the image being developed in a digital format and displayed on a computer screen. Digital radiography has revolutionised the extent to which we can examine bone structure. The images are processed instantly and have excellent clarity and detail. **We can travel to you for radiographs in emergencies, where the horse cannot be moved.

Along with routine diagnostic radiographs, we also can perform survey x-rays for yearling sales.